Thursday, 27 September 2007

Under the Pandanus

As mentioned in the last post, my son's teacher is getting married these holidays and I decided to make her a quilt. Well, it was finished and delivered this morning! She loved it. They are getting married under a Pandanus tree, thus the quilt name, Under the Pandanus.

Her favourite colour is green. It was made using two charm packs from Rosemont plus a few other bits and pieces I had. I was really quite impressed how it turned out given that I am not a big fan of green. Not sure what to go onto now. Should most probably finish the other disappearing nine patch!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Something old and something new!

Couldn't decide what to show you today so I thought I go with some older things and some newer things.

The old first! I have two kids. A 5 year old boy and a little girl who is almost 2. (*sob* they grow up soooooo fast!) Anyway, before I was even pregnant with Luke, I bought an Afghan rug to cross stitch. I finished it when I was about 7 months pregnant with him. This is Luke's rug.

So, it seemed only fair that when Kira came along she should get one too. It took me until she was 2 months old to even find one for her I liked! I think she was about 8 months old when I finished it. This is hers.

My new is from my new passion of quilting. Luke's teacher is getting married during the holidays and I have been making a Disappearing Nine Patch for her in green. This is a piccie of all the 9 patches before cutting them up! This needs to be finished by this Friday! So, I'm off to sew!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Some more early work.

Thought I would add a couple of other cross stitches I've done. I love Fiona Jude's work and have done the Galahs for my mother in law and the budgies for myself. A close friend did the pelicans for me. I have the wildflowers, frogs and kookaburra to do at some stage. One of the things I like most about Fiona Jude is the lack of backstitching!! Gotta love that!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Hmm, where to begin?

I'm not really sure where to begin with all this! I suppose cross stitch is what I was into first. Unfortunately I don't have photos of everything I have done, but in recent years I have started to keep track. So here is some of my earlier stuff!

This is the first piece I did for myself. It's stitched on black aida and every single stitch has blending filament - very painful. Please excuse my reflection in the photo!

The Beatrix Potter alphabet I did for one of my sister's kids. This took me a couple of years while I was studying. It was the second alphabet I did. The first was an Australiana alphabet for my other sister's kids. One day I will do an alphabet for my own children!

So that's the start of my blog!