Wednesday, 26 March 2008

WIP Wednesday

Can you have a WIP Wednesday if the project is finished? I'm glad to say the D9P is finished bar the label.
Still not sure what to call it. Any ideas?I was really pleased with how the binding looked. Even happier I didn't have to buy any fabric to finish it off!

I'm still working on the elephant cross stitch, although it's getting close to finished too.

I also got my other lot of fabric in the mail. It included the rest of the fabric I need to start a baby quilt for my son's teacher. She finishes work next holidays, so will have to get cracking! I chose a Laurel Burch Orange and Yellow fabric to go with the jungle animal print I picked up a couple of weeks ago.
To fill the postal bag, I also got a couple of other things.
These blues are for a true lover's knot quilt I want to do and the florals below are for a quilt called English Tea Garden I want to do for my mum.
That's it for fabric for now! No more until the end of May!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

You've Got Mail!

I love getting a package of quilty mail, especially when I'm on a fabric ban and I can enjoy it guilt free because it was ordered before the ban! So from Christa Quilts the other day, I got these lovely FQ packs.

5 FQ's of Kaffe Fassett fabric called Flower Spray. These will be used for a quilt I'm planning for my mum.

8 FQ's of Northcott's Porcelain Paisley and China Blue for a quilt I'm planning that surprisingly, has a lot of blue in it!

Some Space Odessey fabric from Telegraph Road.

Some gorgeous rocket fabric from AvLyn called Moonbeamers Spaceships. I plan to use this and the Space Odessey fabric some other spacy fabric I have for something! I just don't know what!!

Apart from that, I have almost finished the D9P. Just need to sew the binding down and I'm done! I ended up having enough fabric for the binding without buying more. While I was doing the binding, I found this great youtube link to help me finish if off! I love it, and it's so easy to follow.

Hope you are all having a great Easter!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

WIP Wednesday

Now I don't promise to do a WIP Wednesday every week, but this week it suits!
So I have been working on my D9P, finally quilting it. I'm quite pleased with the results, given it's the first time I've attempted something other than stitch the ditch. I quilted each square with a yellow and blue King Tut thread, specifically number 986, Alexandria. After I had finished, I had 312 ends to sew in! A couple of sessions in front of the telly saw this done. Now all I have to do is bind it. I'd love to bind it with the backing fabric, which I adore. The only problem is I'm not sure I've got enough and I've just agreed with some other quilty friends on EB not buy any more fabric until May 23rd! Surely if it I really need it Adds, it's not cheating?

Thursday, 13 March 2008

New Resolution

OK, so I seem to have got really good at buying fabric, but not so good on doing any sewing! Or updating my blog. So here is my new resolution - to update my blog once a week, even if it's to say I've done nothing! Hopefully this way I will be encouraged to actually do something!
To be fair, I have made something recently - sheets for Kira for Kindy. Another mum showed me this fantastic idea for an all in one, so I decided to have a go, and here it is!

Basically the bottom sheet is doubled over. You then sew the top sheet to the bottom edge of the bottom sheet, making it wider than the bottom sheet. The top sheet can then be left off if it is hot, or pulled up over the child. There is elastic attached to the corners of the bottom sheet to hold it in place. They fit perfectly on the blue mats most kindy's use for rest time and can be made using one flat single bed sheet. The pillow case can be made into a bag. Here is a picture of Kira modelling it!

It took me all day to make, as Kira wasn't well and I only got to sew in 10 minute bursts, but I reckon you could knock one up in a couple of hours.

I've been meaning to get into some bag making, so I bought these patterns to try out.

Now all I have to do is get off my butt and do something! I also fell in love with these two prints.

Luke's teacher has also announced she is pregnant, due in August. There goes my idea for a quilt at the end of the year for her! Instead, I will make a baby quilt for her using this.

I was originally going to use teddy bears, but I couldn't find any. Of course, I've had to buy other fabric to go with this as nothing in my stash suited (really, I promise!). I found what I was looking for at The Fat Quarter shop and of course had to get some other stuff to fill the bag. Hopefully next week I 'll be able to blog some actual projects. Stay tuned and I'll try not to disappoint!