Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sewing Saturday

I spent some time yesterday afternoon sewing - the advantages of having my mum here for a visit and Kira sleeping!! I got my BOM 3 done and the first of my blocks for the DQS.

This third BOM is called Peace in Flight and was designed by Joanna Figuroa. I'm quite enjoying this BOM and am very pleased to say that I am up to date and awaiting my new block.

This is a sneak peek of the first block of my doll's quilt for the EB swap. Must say I was quite pleased with how it turned out! Hope the photo doesn't give too much away! I'm hoping to get some more of this done today - mainly cutting out, but at least it will be something!

Funeral Friday

So I have a good excuse for missing my Friday post. My husband's grandmother passed away last weekend and we traveled to Sydney for her funeral. While it was sad, she has been sick for awhile and in the end passed peacefully surrounded by family. Nan was an incredibly talented woman - she painted, knitted and made beautiful Faberge style eggs. Our family is lucky enough to own several of these items as you can see below.

These are two of Nan's cards that she painted. We also own a lovely frog done as a wedding present, but it is still packed up waiting for the house to be built. Nan loved Australian native birds, animals and plant life and these things featured heavily in her art. The main aim of her back garden was to attract the native bird life and she was frequently visited by rainbow lorikeets, kookaburras, magpies and an assortment of others.

The parrot card was given to us at Nan's funeral. My equally talented mother-in-law made sure everyone who attended got one of these cards with a lovely photo and poem inside. It is a lovely way of remembering such a special lady.

Our children have been showered in knitted gifts from Nan - blankets, toys and jumpers.

Kira loves this jumper, she calls it her tail jumper. You can see the bunny rug made for when

Luke was baby follows a similar theme.

Nan also knitted gorgeous toys for our kids. The first picture is of most of them, with a few missing. They are on another blanket made by Nan for Kira when she was born. The two Mickey's belong to Luke. The one on the right is the "original." It use to look like the one on the left! When I realised exactly how much Mickey was loved, I asked Nan to make me a backup!

This is probably one of my favourite Nan toys. It's a reversible doll! Turn her upside down, pull her skirt down and you have a new doll. It just think it is soo clever.

Lastly, the eggs. Leigh and I were given one each when we got married and the kids were each given one when they were born. They are highly treasured.

As you can see, I wasn't joking when I said she was a highly talented lady! She will be sadly missed.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Focussed Friday

Kira always has a sleep on Friday because we go to playgroup and she is usually exhausted afterwards. So I thought what I might do is try and get everything I need to do in the morning before I go to playgroup so when we come home and Kira is asleep I can sew. At the moment, I will call if Focussed Fridays. So today we gave it a try. I almost got everything I needed to do done this morning, an extra hour when we got home cleared it up and allowed Kira to have some lunch. Off she went to bed and I got cracking on my second BOM. I had almost finished it when she woke up and thank you to Play School I got to finish it off!!This is called Star Struck and was designed by Sandy Gervais. I only just realised the instructions give the block name and designer!! The first one was called Cross Stitch and was designed by Brenda Riddle. Very apt I feel given my other passion is cross stitch!

So, back to Star Struck. Again, my points aren't perfect, but I am still impressed with myself. The more I practise the better I get and I am really enjoying doing some sewing again.

My next task is to put together a "what to do list" as I have a few things that need finishing off or starting. Not sure if I will publish it here, have to wait and see.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Camping, sewing and fabrics.

I've just spent the past two hours sewing together my first BOM. Given my third arrived the other day, I figured it was time I got started! It's a Designer Mystery BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop and I must say I was kinda impressed with myself! There was a lot of seam matching, which is not my strong point, and while it isn't perfect, it is good enough!
I've also bought my fabric for the EB Doll Quilt swap. I figured there were enough people in the swap who mentioned brights that I could post a teaser without giving too much away!

I had a great time choosing these fabrics and actually changed my mind about three times before I settle on this combination. One of the fabrics actually isn't for the quilt, but I've left it in anyway.

Several of the EB girls have asked to see pics of our Stradbroke camping trip, so just for them...
The view from the top of our camp. We could sit up on the sand dunes and watch the kids although more often than not we would be down on the beach as it was protected from the wind and warmer!

One of the friendly locals. This guy would scare us regularly by flying through the middle of the camp, under the tarp. He would then sit in a tree and laugh at us. He thought it was a great joke.

Breakfast around the fire. We would go from being dressed like this... swimming in the space of about 2 hours! My gorgeous boy having a ball boogie boarding.
The friends we went with bought their beagle, Olly. Kira loved him and spent most of the camping following her around. She is possibly the most placid dog in the world!!

And one last picture. We've bought a block of land which we are planning to build our house. We are still waiting for the plans to come back, which is just a well, as we discovered this Curlew nesting on there the other day.
Leigh got some bait fish last night that he took down for her. No building until her babies hatch.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Doll Quilt Swap!

I've joined a Doll Quilt Swap with my EB buddies. This only my second ever swap and I am so excited!!! I even know what I'm going to do! Stay tuned for sneak peeks.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I am the worse swap reciever in the world!!

The first thing I need to do with this post is offer a HUGE apology to Adds over at The Humming Cat. She is the creative genius who had the misfortune to draw me as a partner in the EB table runner swap. I'm so sorry it has taken me to blog this, and while I could offer 101 excuses, in the end to pop on and post would have taken only minutes. So please accept my apologies Adds and rest assured that I love my table runner to bits! I can't wait until we have built our house and I have somewhere to put it permanently. I dare not leave it on our table at the moment as it currently resides outside and I'd hate to leave the runner out there. So without further ado, my gorgeous table runner from Adds.Adds also sent along some lovely extras - a Patchwork and Quiliting mag, a stitchery and two rolls of gorgeous polka a dot ribbon.
Once again Adds, thank you. I love all of it!

Bec received the table runner I sent her and she was a good girl and blogged right away! Glad you liked it Bec.

In other quilty news, things have been quiet. I'm doing a mystery BOM through the Fat Quarter Shop I've received two blocks, have cut them out but haven't sewn them up yet. Unlikely to happen this weekend as we are off to Stradbroke Island camping with some friends for a few days. Hopefully when we get back I will be able to motivate myself to make some progress on some stuff!