Sunday, 9 December 2007

I'm not a big fan of green... imagine my joy (not!) when both Luke's teacher and Kira's daycarer nominated green as their favourite colour. Earlier in the year I made a green disappearing nine patch for Luke's teacher when she got married and blogged it here. I was going to do a green log cabin for Kira's carer (who has also cared for Luke) but with time running short I decided on a raggedy edge instead.
Now let me explain about this woman. She is wonderful. Leaving my children in her care is the closest I could come to leaving them with family. I was very lucky in that she started in the preschool room just as Luke was going in there and moved to the babies room just as Luke finished daycare and Kira started. With our move to another state at the end of the year, I will miss her dreadfully.
So with great pleasure I present "Carer Extrodinaire"

I also used this stuff called EQ Printable Fabric for the first time to make a label. I'm so impressed with it! My blanket stitching (and my spelling if you look closely enough!) leaves a lot to be desired, but it was my first attempt and I would like to thank Janet McCaffrey of Primrose Design for the wonderful instructions that were so easy to follow. I apologise for the big green blobs in the photo, but I wanted to remove anything that identified the receiver or the centre they work at.I just know that come tomorrow I will be a blubbering mess as I give this to her!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

I'm a bad blogger!

How embarrassing, I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. In my defense, I am trying to sell a house, buy a house and move interstate! Yesterday was the first time in ages I have done anything so I thought I would share.
I picked up mums grandchildren sampler from the framers and I must say I am most happy with how it turned out. She is away until Tuesday so I will have to wait to give it to her. Anyway, here's a piccie.
I've decided to make a raggedy edge quilt for Kira's daycarer. She is a very special woman who looked after Luke before he went to school and I absolutely adore her. So yesterday, using a couple of charm packs and a few other bits and pieces, I got it all ready for sewing. The picture below is of all the blocks ready to be pinned and sewed. Hopefully there will be some time this weekend.