Saturday, 23 February 2008

Not quilting or cross stitch!!

My sewing mojo left town for a bit. Not sure what happened, but it returned when I needed to make a bag for Kira to take her sheets to daycare in. I wanted a simple drawstring bag and with the help of Joy and looking closely at the one my mother in law made for Luke as a library bag, I worked it out. Not the prettiest job but it works and I feel it's not bad for my first effort.

Kelly, do you recognise the material???

It's a bit bigger than it needs to be, but I figure it will be good for something later on!

Kira has also decided she needed a pillow in bed. She was using a cushion friends bought her, but it really was too big. I found a pram pillow which was the right size, but had no pillowcase. So, I figured a pillowcase couldn't be that hard to make. I made a calico one first and then the real deal. And guess what!? I didn't have to unpick it even once! I'm so proud of me!

Next on my to do list is a all in one sheet set for daycare. Kinda hard to explain so I will just have to blog it when it's done. I also plan to finally quilt the yellow and blue D9P. Stay tuned!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Its been awhile... Part 2

One of the girls in my fabric sway wanted civil war reproductions (hi Adds!) I'd never even heard of it before, so I did what all modern girls do, I hit the net! I found what I was looking for at a place called Christa Quilts. Of course, I had to make sure I filled the envelope, so I got a couple of other fat quarter packs as well.
This pack was called Free Spirit Whimsy! I love the bright colours.
This was called Ocean Songs Fish. Thinking maybe using this to make some bags for the kids.

So that's my crafty news! Hopefully next time I post I might have done something with these fabrics!

It's been awhile...

OK, it's been over a month, but in my defense I've been busy! Unfortunately, not busy sewing, but busy all the same!
Since I last posted, we have moved states, moved into a rental, started investigating buying, got Luke started at a new school, got Kira started at a new daycare plus a hundred and one other things that go with moving!
Unfortunately our rental is not terribly big, so space is at a premium. Our dining room table (which is also my sewing table) is currently residing on the verandah. After me sulking because I couldn't sew, Leigh went out and bought me a trestle table that I can set up and pull down as needed. I have a great husband! With Kira now starting daycare, I hope to get a little more sewing done - and soon. However, with Kira starting daycare I also have to start thinking about getting a job, but I really hope to get some sewing done as well.
Another thing that ended up out on the verandah was a wardrobe that use to be in Kira's room. I decided it was ideal as a quilting cupboard! It's fairly well protected, so shouldn't get wet, although I do want to buy some moth balls or similar to keep any nasties away from my fabric. I having real problems locating them though. Any ideas?My quilting cupboard! Fabric larger than FQ's on the right, cutting mats, long rulers,cross stitching kits and frames on the left. Quilting extension table on top.
Right side drawers. FQ's in top drawer, kits and FQ's for specific projects in the middle, WIP's on the bottom.Left side drawers. Pins, cutters in the top, smaller rulers, books and patterns in the middle, wadding in the bottom.

What I did do soon after getting here was join a fabric swap with a group of girls on a site I frequent called Essential Baby. It's a fantastic swap - a birthday swap to be precise. Basically you buy a fat quarter for everyone on the list and post it to them for their birthday. In return, you get a FQ from each of them on your birthday. As I joined late, I had to quickly post two off to girls who had already had their birthdays. This of course meant I had to find and explore my local quilt shops quick smart! What a shame. The two I have found is a lovely little shop in Victoria Point called Thread and Ginger (no website unfortunately) and Bayside Stitchcraft. Of course, while I was there, I was tempted to get some fabric for me as well, just to cheer myself up! My purchases so far are pictured below.This is all the fabric I have bought so far for me. Add another dozen or so for the fabric swap.

These are my two favourite purchases so far. Unfortunately the photo of the red and blue isn't the best, but it is very lush looking. I also love the gold butterflies on the yellow and the green.