Monday, 16 April 2012

It's a start

Today I sewed together the 8 strips of eight blocks for the baby quilt I am making. I was very careful, checking and double checking each placement so I wouldn't have to unpick! Here are the first two (actually they are the bottom two, I'm working my way up!) rows sewn together.

And here are the other 6 rows in their numbered plastic bags ready to be added. Don't want any mix ups!

Notice the lack of bird? Left him in his cage and he berated me the whole time!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Things I Learnt Today.

Today I finished cutting out and started sewing a baby quilt. It has many half square triangles and I learnt a few things...

1. I hate cutting 6 and seven eighth inch squares.
 My sewing corner - I love the natural light

2. Next time, to avoid cutting said 6 and seven eighth inch squares, I will be following this handy hint from Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Vol 21, No 2.

3. When pinning either side of the line to make half square triangles, pins on the opposite side of the line should go in the opposite direction.


4. That even when you pin in the opposite direction, you can still do it wrong!

5. While it may be cute when you cockatiel finds the pins and picks one up, be prepared to have to distract said bird while actually sewing to stop him getting to said pins!

This is cute (even if it is blurry!)

6. Same bird will become frustrated and squawk at you when you put the lid on the pins, meaning he could see them, but not get to them.

7. He is also unable to tell the difference between fabric he can chew on (scraps) and those he can't!

Earlier in the afternoon when we were still friends.

Do you have pets that "help" you sew?? What lessons have you learnt from them??

Monday, 2 April 2012

There's No Stopping Me Now!

First day of school holidays here, but with my reduced mobility, I've told my kids to expect a lot of time at home! Which means lots of time for me to sew!

This morning I attacked The Humming Cat's sewing bee block.

I'm now waiting for the April block to turn up, and the extra white from AJ to finish her February block. In the meantime, I've started to contemplate a couple of baby quilts. Yeah baby! I'm back!