Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Hmm, where to begin?

I'm not really sure where to begin with all this! I suppose cross stitch is what I was into first. Unfortunately I don't have photos of everything I have done, but in recent years I have started to keep track. So here is some of my earlier stuff!

This is the first piece I did for myself. It's stitched on black aida and every single stitch has blending filament - very painful. Please excuse my reflection in the photo!

The Beatrix Potter alphabet I did for one of my sister's kids. This took me a couple of years while I was studying. It was the second alphabet I did. The first was an Australiana alphabet for my other sister's kids. One day I will do an alphabet for my own children!

So that's the start of my blog!


AJ said...

Hi Kylie welcome to blog land!! I cross stitich too...but quilting always wins out the time stakes!

Leah said...

Hi Kylie, Happy blogging :) I used to cross stitch, but quilting is so much quicker... Good idea to put some cross stitches on the blog though, I might copy you :)

Emma said...

Welcome to Blog, Kylie! Ditto on the cross-stitch. I have any number of unopened kits, plus several UFOs; quilting wins every time!