Thursday, 3 January 2008

Another Raggedy Edge

I discovered a raggedy edge that I hadn't finished, so in between making sure my children weren't killing each other or themselves, I sat and snipped. To make the time go quicker, I put on that classic movie Footloose. Nothing like a dance movie while playing with really sharp scissors. Anyway, snipping done, I washed, dried and photographed. And the only mishap was while I was photographing, my son coming in screaming because "something" hit in the eye. No permanent damage. Now all I need to do is label it and I can gift it! Given the person who is to receive it does not check this blog, (they don't even know it exists!) I feel safe in revealing it!



While I was at the clothes line taking photos of the quilt, I also took pics of a peg bag my mother in law made me. I love it, simply the best peg bag I have ever had!

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A New Year

Well the New Year is here and our move north grows ever closer. Just had removalists in giving quotes and hopefully we will be packed and away by the 16th! This does mean however, that a lot of the crafty stuff needs to packed up. Don't expect to get much done over the next month at least until we get settled. BUT, I did get a few crafty Christmas gifts and, despite putting a fabric ban on myself until we moved, I bought a few things while we were down the south coast at the in laws that I thought I would share with you.

First is my Christmas present from the in laws. A lovely bundle of magazines and 10 blue fat quarters. One of the magazines called Beautiful Pieced Quilts (No 1) in my pile has a quilt called "True Lover's Knot" which is what I think I will use the blue fat quarters for. It has 42 different blue fabrics in it, so will need to find another 32. Shame that!

Then the day after Boxing Day we braved the shopping centre in Batemans Bay. As we were walking down the street I spied a fabric shop down an alley and popped in for a quick look. I was in the shop no more than 10 minutes and left with these gorgeous lizards. I have a bunch of aboriginal prints (which I can't show you because they have already been packed!) and while I have no idea what I am going to do with them, I know these will go perfectly!

On the 28th, a childhood friend of my husband and his wife arrived. Kelly and I get on really well and often forget that it's our husbands who knew each other first, not us. Anyway, we left the 4 kids with my wonderful mother in law (the boys were out fishing, my father in law playing golf) and went to check out Steph's in Moruya. This is a lovely, well stocked shop. The rolled fat quarter was on sale for $3.00 and I picked up a few more blues to go with my Chrissie pressie. Another aboriginal print and the green and red at the front I just fell in love with and had to have! I also picked up a book on Machine Quilting to hopefully give me some more ideas and confidence.

While we were at Steph's we saw a thimble that Kelly thought would be perfect for her mum, so on New Year's Eve, we again abandoned the kids (boys were fishing again, but my father in law was home to help this time!) and went back. On reflection, Kelly didn't get the thimble, but we did park ourselves in front of a shelf that had huge amount of $3.00 fat quarters and went through them one by one. I chose 7, Kelly got 10. I also scored the two red tins at the back which have 4 Christmas fabrics in them. I plan to put them away for presents next year. I also spotted the sea themed fabric and as it was half price, I grabbed the metre that was left. Kel has suggested I make a bag for Kira using it, which I think is a great idea!

So I have all these lovely new goodies that I can't play with! Guess I will just have to satisfy myself with browsing the magazines and marking the projects I want to do. There are quite a few bag patterns in them that I would love to have a go at.

So until I make it back, possibly not until after the move I will wish everyone a happy new year. Hope your 2008 is filled with lots of sewing!