Thursday, 3 January 2008

Another Raggedy Edge

I discovered a raggedy edge that I hadn't finished, so in between making sure my children weren't killing each other or themselves, I sat and snipped. To make the time go quicker, I put on that classic movie Footloose. Nothing like a dance movie while playing with really sharp scissors. Anyway, snipping done, I washed, dried and photographed. And the only mishap was while I was photographing, my son coming in screaming because "something" hit in the eye. No permanent damage. Now all I need to do is label it and I can gift it! Given the person who is to receive it does not check this blog, (they don't even know it exists!) I feel safe in revealing it!



While I was at the clothes line taking photos of the quilt, I also took pics of a peg bag my mother in law made me. I love it, simply the best peg bag I have ever had!

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