Saturday, 23 February 2008

Not quilting or cross stitch!!

My sewing mojo left town for a bit. Not sure what happened, but it returned when I needed to make a bag for Kira to take her sheets to daycare in. I wanted a simple drawstring bag and with the help of Joy and looking closely at the one my mother in law made for Luke as a library bag, I worked it out. Not the prettiest job but it works and I feel it's not bad for my first effort.

Kelly, do you recognise the material???

It's a bit bigger than it needs to be, but I figure it will be good for something later on!

Kira has also decided she needed a pillow in bed. She was using a cushion friends bought her, but it really was too big. I found a pram pillow which was the right size, but had no pillowcase. So, I figured a pillowcase couldn't be that hard to make. I made a calico one first and then the real deal. And guess what!? I didn't have to unpick it even once! I'm so proud of me!

Next on my to do list is a all in one sheet set for daycare. Kinda hard to explain so I will just have to blog it when it's done. I also plan to finally quilt the yellow and blue D9P. Stay tuned!

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