Wednesday, 26 March 2008

WIP Wednesday

Can you have a WIP Wednesday if the project is finished? I'm glad to say the D9P is finished bar the label.
Still not sure what to call it. Any ideas?I was really pleased with how the binding looked. Even happier I didn't have to buy any fabric to finish it off!

I'm still working on the elephant cross stitch, although it's getting close to finished too.

I also got my other lot of fabric in the mail. It included the rest of the fabric I need to start a baby quilt for my son's teacher. She finishes work next holidays, so will have to get cracking! I chose a Laurel Burch Orange and Yellow fabric to go with the jungle animal print I picked up a couple of weeks ago.
To fill the postal bag, I also got a couple of other things.
These blues are for a true lover's knot quilt I want to do and the florals below are for a quilt called English Tea Garden I want to do for my mum.
That's it for fabric for now! No more until the end of May!


Emma said...

My Seachange? Steps to the Sea? Disappeared to the Sea? (sensing a theme here...)

Kylie said...

Hmmmm, like the sea idea. I'm actually already planning a quilt called "Coochie Colours" based around the colours I'm finding over here.
Thinking Steps to the Sea is a strong possibility.