Friday, 22 August 2008

Focussed Friday

Kira always has a sleep on Friday because we go to playgroup and she is usually exhausted afterwards. So I thought what I might do is try and get everything I need to do in the morning before I go to playgroup so when we come home and Kira is asleep I can sew. At the moment, I will call if Focussed Fridays. So today we gave it a try. I almost got everything I needed to do done this morning, an extra hour when we got home cleared it up and allowed Kira to have some lunch. Off she went to bed and I got cracking on my second BOM. I had almost finished it when she woke up and thank you to Play School I got to finish it off!!This is called Star Struck and was designed by Sandy Gervais. I only just realised the instructions give the block name and designer!! The first one was called Cross Stitch and was designed by Brenda Riddle. Very apt I feel given my other passion is cross stitch!

So, back to Star Struck. Again, my points aren't perfect, but I am still impressed with myself. The more I practise the better I get and I am really enjoying doing some sewing again.

My next task is to put together a "what to do list" as I have a few things that need finishing off or starting. Not sure if I will publish it here, have to wait and see.

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