Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Woohoo!!! I've finished the remaining three quilts!!

I knew two were going to be for Kira's current carers at daycare, but wasn't sure about the last. Then it occurred to me that Kira changed rooms half way through the year. Problem is, there are two carers in that room and only one spare quilt. Then I remembered this quilt

which I finished back in July! For various reasons, it never made it to who it was suppose to go to, so I have decided to give it to one of Kira's carers.

So, finished, and pretty close to deadline! I think the sewing mojo is back. I put the machine in for a service when I finished the machine stuff the other day, and got a call last night to say it was ready so I'll go pick it up today. Have a few ideas of what to do. I'm also still planning that giveaway, so keep an eye out in the next day or two for that!

Lastly, thanks for all the comments and encouragement! It really has helped to keep me on track.

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Emma said...

Well done! I hope they're all well-received. Now I want to see what you do next!