Thursday, 29 March 2012

So I know I promised more...

So I know I promised in my last post here that this blog was going to experience a bit of a revival. I'd signed up for a sewing bee and a craft club to make sure I sewed and I was excited, I was enthused, I was ready to go.

But then on the day following that blog post I played netball and ended up breaking my ankle - in two places. I required surgery and ended up with a three night stay in hospital. This is what the inside of my right ankle now looks like.

The little toe side of my right leg,  just above the ankle joint.

You know the little knobbly bit that sticks out where you can flex and extend your foot? Broke that as well, thus the screws holding it in place/.

So basically that had me off my feet for 6 weeks straight - no weight bearing at all, although after 2 weeks I got to exchange my plaster for a most attractive moon boot!

Anyway, just over a week ago the surgeon told me although I still had to wear the boot, I could start bearing weight again so I decided to see how I went controlling the sewing machine pedal with my left foot. Turns out I don't do too bad at it, so I'm back sewing! It is a very time consuming process as I still need the crutches and it's five crutch steps from my kitchen bench where I cut to the sewing machine, but I'm doing it.

First off the rank was to finish AJ's  sewing bee blocks. They were suppose to be finished by the end of February so a little late! Somehow I managed to completely stuff up the blue star yesterday so am going to have to get AJ to send me some more white to finish, but the green turned out ok.

This is what I have done of the blue. It won't take me long to get it together when I get the other white.

Not the best photo, but you get the idea. So now hopefully I can catch up on the March block for The Humming Cat before the April block arrives in my letter box! Thank goodness my turn isn't until the second half of the year!

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