Saturday, 14 April 2012

Things I Learnt Today.

Today I finished cutting out and started sewing a baby quilt. It has many half square triangles and I learnt a few things...

1. I hate cutting 6 and seven eighth inch squares.
 My sewing corner - I love the natural light

2. Next time, to avoid cutting said 6 and seven eighth inch squares, I will be following this handy hint from Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Vol 21, No 2.

3. When pinning either side of the line to make half square triangles, pins on the opposite side of the line should go in the opposite direction.


4. That even when you pin in the opposite direction, you can still do it wrong!

5. While it may be cute when you cockatiel finds the pins and picks one up, be prepared to have to distract said bird while actually sewing to stop him getting to said pins!

This is cute (even if it is blurry!)

6. Same bird will become frustrated and squawk at you when you put the lid on the pins, meaning he could see them, but not get to them.

7. He is also unable to tell the difference between fabric he can chew on (scraps) and those he can't!

Earlier in the afternoon when we were still friends.

Do you have pets that "help" you sew?? What lessons have you learnt from them??


AJ said...

Funny you should mention pets and sewing! My dog was visitng in the sewing room this afternoon...not something he is usually allowed to do but he was very good about not lying on the the fabric on the floor!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I have 4 labs and 2 cats. I have to containerize pieces to a project, otherwise I will find them all over the house or never find the missing pieces again. I have to make sure to push the pins ALL THE WAY into the pin cushion as to not step on them when the crazy cat plucks them all out and then bats them onto the floor. Never leave thread in a needle in the pin cushion either. Pin everything to the design board if you want to see what you were doing and find all the pieces too.