Monday, 8 October 2012

Quilt Bee


Back at the beginning of the year I posted about the EB 2012 Quilt Bee . EB is short for Essential Baby, an online parenting forum that I no longer frequent, but a group of us that "met" on there in a quilting forum still "talk" on FaceBook. So we decided to have a Quilt Bee. Of course, just as it started, I broke my leg, slowing down the process a tad! I also lost my sewing mojo for a little while, so some of them had to wait longer than was polite for me to get off my backside and produce the goods! The good news is I am up to date, and just waiting for the last package to arrive from Helen at Patchy Work of Mini Grey. So here is my catch up post on the 2012 EB Quilt Bee.

It kicked off over at AJ's Antics. She had us do some wonky stars for her.

I also did a blue one for her, but I can't find any pictures!
Next up was The Humming Cat who had us making granny squares.

Next up was Bec (I think! This is where I ended up with 4 months worth of blocks to catch up on !) who had us make log cabin variations for her. I ended up doing a couple of wonky log cabins


Next came Ninny and Maude with this gorgeous cross block. I love the gray in these.
At this stage I was doing a massive sew session in order to catch up! Next in the languishing line was Stitchin' Skilly who had us do this wonderfully bright and funky block.

As you can see, I miscalculated my cutting and ended up with a big of selvage in the top block. It should sew into the seam line! Great apologies were made.

Tin Whistle came up with a terrifying design that looks way scarier than it actually is.

There was lots of breath holding as I prayed the lines would all meet up!

Lastly the was Mand's Nest with these lovely blocks

As for my turn, I asked people to make coin stacks with batiks.

They have started to come back and I'm looking forward to turning them into a quilt top.

Despite my mojo going missing for awhile, I have really enjoyed this quilt bee. I'm hoping we do another one next year as I would like to do another in a small group who are fairly forgiving before I venture into the wider world of quilt bees!


AJ said...

Great work Kylie!

Carmel Morris said...

Milly's would have scared me too with all those lines to match up. Looks like you nailed it :)