Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Practise, practise, practise.

This is what I now need to do after doing a machine quilting course on the weekend! I did the course at Addicted to Fabric with the fabulous Beth Reid. As you can see from the pictures below, I need lots of practise to perfect my technique, but at least I now have an idea of what I am doing!

OK, so this is the sampler I did. Hmmmmmmm, what did I say about practise. :blush:

Close up of the leaves and gumnuts. Most probably my best work and the one I really enjoyed doing. I can see me doing lots of these!

This is my stippling. Obviously a lot of work needed here too. I can see how this would be used a lot. Quick and effective once I master it!

Beth Reid uses these two techniques alot with her landscape quilting. I love it, but my circles need a lot of work. I've discovered they work better if you are going fast, but if you go too fast it makes it worse! Finding that fine line is my challenge!

This is the bit I did last, so was getting tired and therefore very lazy! The flowers are suppose to have four leaves, but I often only manage to fit three! The other two patterns rely on you being able to replicate what you have done once several times. Did I mention I need to practise?

Finally there is a picture of my new toy - a quilting table for my machine. Very extravagant but oh so nice!


Emma said...

So, are you going to bind and hang your sampler?! Looks like some great ideas there; just keep practising. I'm very jealous of the quilting table!

Helen said...

I love the gumnuts! How cute are they?! That quilting table looks fantastic! Great to do all that practise on! :)

Corrie said...

love the stitching and adore the table! where did you get it????? I would love that for xmas!


Kylie said...

Thanks guys! I never thought of binding it Emma, not sure. I got the table from Addicted to Fabric which is where I bought the machine. It came in a "toolbox" that included a 1/4 inch foot, quilting foot, a pack of needles, a little circle thingy you can use to isolate the area you are working on (kinda like a hoop) and a cover plate. Not cheap, but fantastic! You should be able to get them at any quilt shop. Mine is put out by Pfaff, but I'm sure other manufacturers have something similiar.