Friday, 11 April 2008

Fiddly Friday

No WIP Wednesday so I decided on a Fiddly Friday! And Fiddly it was. I started the jungle baby quilt today and am so impressed with how it is looking so far. I'm in love with the bright colours. I am however, being more pedantic with my seams lining up, resulting in much unpicking. The first block I made, I unpicked one side 3 times before I worked out the way to pin it so it would stay lined up. I've found that rather than pining parallel to the side I am stitching, if I pin so the pin forms a 90 degree angle with the side, the fabric slips less. Pining this way, I only had to unpick 2 or 3 times and only once for each mistake. I'm sure all you seasoned quilters out there are going "Duh, how stupid are you!" but I know none of you will say it out loud! Anyway, the fruits of my labour today!

Six of the blocks have this set up (yellow top and bottom, orange on side) The other six will have the opposite scheme.

All six that I sewed today. The outside on the grass is my attempt at being slightly arty. I think I should stick to quilting and cross stitching for my artistic expression! I cut and sewed the strips as I went today. Although I find this slower than cutting all the pieces at once and then sewing, I found I was less likely to make a mistake or start rushing and therefore not cutting as carefully as I should.

Hopefully in the next day or two I will get the chance to go the other 6 and then I get to see if all my hard work making sure the seams line up pays off!


Emma said...

Very nice! I'm looking forward to seeing the end result!

Cascade Lily said...

It's looking good Kylie. LOL what happened to the nemo quilt?

Kylie said...

It's still there Lily. It's a cross stitch that I do at night in front of the telly.