Sunday, 27 April 2008

Too nice a day to be inside.

It was a gorgeous day here today. Breeze was blowing, sun was out and it was way too nice to stay inside. But I wanted to sew. What's a girl to do? Well set up outside of course! We have a lovely wide verandah plus power points, so I felt no need to stay inside.

My goal for the day was to get the blocks of the jungle quilt sewn together. I'm glad to say, mission accomplished!
I'm really thrilled with how it has come up. My seams match, the colours look great and I'm just loving it! I'm now going to add a border the same green as the leaves. I'm trying to decide between a 2 inch and a 4 inch border. The yellow and orange strips are 2 inch. Any opinions?

I was in "the zone" after I finished this, so I pulled out a project I've been avoiding. I started a quilt for Luke at the end of last year. Once I'd sewn all my strips, I laid it out on the floor and was devastated to learn the strips didn't line up as they should have. My solution was to put it in a drawer to be dealt with another time. Yes, I know, very proactive! I had decided a few weeks ago that I would unpick it and start again, but when I pulled it out today, I thought I'd see if I could fudge it enough to live with. Well with a bit of ironing, stretching and pining, I managed to line up what I thought was impossible to line up. I'm not even half way through and I won't say I'm enjoying it, but at least I think it will be ok. It won't be perfect and I know that I will forever look at it and wonder what would have happened if I had measured a bit more carefully. I think I will keep it as a reminder of the importance of accuracy! Anyway, here is a progress shot and lets just say it will never be entered in a quilt competition.


Cascade Lily said...

You were on a roll Kylie! I'd definitely go for a 4" border :)

And well done on rescuing your UFO. Quilts don't have to be perfect when they're made with love (and blood, sweat and tears!) :)

Emma said...

Have you got any fabric approximating what you want top use for the border? Lay it out opened up, and put the quilt on top at one corner, so you have a border around one corner. Then try different widths. I often like to have the border just a little wider than any strips in the quilt, so would consider 2 1/2" or 2 3/4".

Love the frog quilt, too! How lucky to eb sewing outside!