Friday, 26 December 2008

Early Sunday Stash

For Christmas, Kira gave me (or I bought, gave to hubby to wrap)a bunch of Prints Charming fabrics. Added to a couple I already had, and I've got a nice little collection.

They really are very pretty.


Kelly Fiedler said...

They are lovely Kylie, the last one is my fave!!! Thanks for a lovely day, it is always a pleasure to spend some time with the Purdies on the Island. Thanks for my Chrissy pressie, I checked out the Tinnies blog when I got home - how lovely to work from home crafting!! Enjoy your visit to Canberra and I'll see you when you get back. Hugs, Kelly :-)

AJ said...

Nice Kylie...looking foward to seeing what you do with them!