Monday, 6 July 2009

We will now return you to your regular craft schedule...

Well it has been awhile since I sewed anything! As you can see by my side bar, my finished list is sorely lacking! I'm hoping for a better second half of the year! I have however finished something in the past few days and am hoping for another finish by the end of July – but more of that later.

My wonderful friend Emma, over at Sampaguita Quilts, was clever enough to be published in the Australian Quilters Companion. This issue to be exact.

I, in between moving and everything else going on had not got a copy. Emma had a few spare and sent me a copy which was absolutely lovely of her. Thank you Emma for doing this. You are a true gem!

This is the quilt she had published, I highly recommend her blog to you if you haven't already discovered it – she is incredibly talented.

At the end of April/ beginning of May I went to Canberra to visit my folks. While there, I had to visit some of my old haunts there – specifically Addicted to Fabric and Rosemont. I was searching for eye spy fabrics to make a quilt for my son's teacher before the end of the year. This was my haul from my Canberra trip.

Fat quarters from Addicted to Fabric and Rosemont


I'm not sure whether I got these from Addicted or Rosemont! I love them either way!

I got this pack of eye spy fabric and the eye spy roll from Rosemont. They have the best charm square packs!

I also travelled to Berrima to spend the day with my sister who came down from Sydney. We checked out a few craft/ pottery/ antique stores while we were there and I picked up some gorgeous mugs and jug to go in my new kitchen. Of course, I had to visit Berrima Patchwork and was lucky enough to discover they still had panels of the Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. I ummed and ahhed about getting this so long that most places sold out. Discovering it here I decided was fate, so I bought it along with a few other things, including a lovely seascape fat quarter

Then my husband mistakenly let me go to IKEA by myself for the first time! Every other time we have been there (and there have been a few!) he has rushed me past the fabric section. There alone, I finally got to have a look and picked up these two prints.

I think the pink will become cushions for my daughter. Not sure about the animal print, although I have a few friends expecting babies...hmmmm

More recently I have finished off the eye spy quilt for my daughter's old daycare centre. It will go on my July finished list and as soon as it is labelled it will be delivered.

As for what is going on now, as I type, sitting in my machine, most probably a 1/3 quilted, is the quilt of love for my friends daughter. We have been lucky in that it has been a while since she has been in hospital, so I figure I shouldn't tempt fate too much longer. I have decided to free motion quilt some butterflies and stippling so expect it to take a few days to do. It will, however, end up on my July finished list!

So now I am almost up to date. I will try to do an update of my projects later this week. Tomorrow I am taking 3 children (only one of which is mine!) to the movies, so don't expect it then. I won't promise anything as we all realise that would be foolish! Hopefully though I will update more regularly from here, especially if we can get a stable net connection to this machine!

Happy quilting all!

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Cascade Lily said...

Well, well, you have been busy! Next time you're in town we should catch up!

Love the animal print you picked up from IKEA. I wish we had one here...but then again!