Sunday, 6 September 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Once again this year I am taking part in a birthday swap. I love this. I send everyone on the list a FQ for their birthday and in return, on mine, I get lovely squishy mail! This is what I have received this year.

This lovely lot was from Caryn






Finally some lovely reds from my mother in law. Got to love a MIL who feeds your habit! :)

Thanks girls, they are all scrumptious and really made my day.


Purple Paisley Patch said...

Oops, sorry, I'm late! I bought stuff for you back in January, but haven't posted it - how did it get to be September already!!! SORRY, and happy birthday for Sept 2.

Caryn said...

Wow you received lots of lovely fabrics there. Will pop back to see all your fabulous creations.