Sunday, 27 September 2009

Design help needed!!

I'm putting out a call to fellow bloggers and quilters - I need help!! Due to some disastrous cutting errors and fabric being out of stock problems, I have the following the fabric to make a back for this quilt.

OK, this is what I have available to use.

Dragonflies - one piece 43 x 76 inch. (includes selvage in the 43)
one piece 43 x 27.5 inch (includes selvage in the 43.)
Ribbit - one piece 43 x 13.5
nine pieces all 3 inches wide with lengths of 43, 18 (four pieces), 7 (four pieces)

Lillipads - one piece 43.5 x 35 inches. Unfortunately with this piece, half way along the 43.5 side the fabric is cut approx 5 inches on one side and about 3 on the other so using it as a whole piece would require trimming.

Back needs to be around 60 x 75 inches. this gives me a few inches each side.

My original plan was to use the dragonflies as the back, but I just don't have enough! Any brilliant ideas?? Feel free to email any designs to me at kylie(dot)purdie(at)gmail(dot)com
All help gratefully accepted!! Please!!!!

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Quiltin' Jenny said...

I would make long vertical stripes with the skinny stripe of green ribbit fabric in between the two others.

Leave the dragonfly fabric as is. (43" x 76")

Cut the large piece of green in half lengthwise, sew into a long strip and sew it down one long side of the dragonfly fabric. (7.5" + 43" x 76" with some to cut off the bottom of the green strip)

Cut lilypad fabric apart to remove bad section; cut into strips of equal width and piece to make another wide, long strip. Sew to other pieces. (43" + 7.5" + 15" = 65.5" x 76" with some to cut off bottom of dragonfly fabric.)

I THINK this works. I drew it out and it looks right.

Save scraps and remainder of green fabric for binding or cut up into your stash.

Personally I love a pieced back and much prefer them to a solid fabric.

Good luck!