Saturday, 17 April 2010

Another Pencil Roll

Expect to see a few of these this year! I have decided it is the birthday present to give!

A friend's daughter had her birthday yesterday and I forgot! So I quickly whipped up a pencil roll, added some crayola pencils and a drawing book and...

(Guess what her name is!)

I am so loving these pencil rolls. Another huge thanks to tutorial over at Little Munchkins for making it sooooooo easy!

I have another one to whip up today for my daughter's best friend who turns 4 on ANZAC day. I plan to use this fabric I bought when we were away over Easter.

I've bought a Maisy colouring book and story book to go with them. I plan to use the white middle fabric for the back, the blue for the pocket and the green for the front.

That wasn't all I bought while I was away. There is also this Maisy panel

There is also some transport themed fabric to make another sudoku quilt with. The mum of the little boy I made the Sporting Sudoku for asked if I could make another for her other son. We decided on a transport theme.

I've ordered the rest of what I will need from Equilter so am now waiting on squishy mail! The mum is a teacher like me and a wonderful friend, so I am going to make her an eye spy quilt as well. These caught my eye as being good for that!

Finally, I spotted this panel and just had to have it!

I had no idea what I was going to do with it until I was talking to my niece about what her favourite colours are and she said hot pink and lime green. She turns 18 next year and after a trip to Europe last year has caught the travel bug. I'm thinking this will be the basis of a quilt for her.

I've finished quilting this sampler quilt and am currently sewing the ends in. Hope to get the binding on sometime today!

What's your weekend hold?

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