Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Yep, I have two finished items for March! OK, the plan was for them to be finished in Feb, but it's such a short month, it threw me out completely!

I will apologise for the photography. It's very cloudy here today and the wind is blowing thanks to Cyclone Hamish. While we are not in the direct path (thank goodness!) we are getting the effects of the edge of it! It has caused us a few problems though - our ferry to the mainland broke down half way over this afternoon and was blown onto a sand bank! It's been stuck since 1.30 and is unlikely to be floated again until a few hours after low tide, so won't be operational again until after 6pm! Thank goodness the barge is still running so we could get home, but that does it's last run at 5. May be a long wait for those coming home from work tonight!

First up the rocket quilt. I'm thinking of calling it Rocket Dreams.
I looooooooove the backing fabric for this quilt! Thanks Kelly for finding it for me! My darling hubby has taken one of the bit rockets off the bottom and done some computer wizardry so it's just a blank outline that I will use to label it. I do wish I had used the backing as the binding as well, but I ain't changing it now!

Secondly is the Sudoku Quilt. It will be called Sporting Sudoku. I did toy with Sportin' Sudoku, but as both myself and his mother are teachers, I just couldn't do it!
No picture of the back of this as it is the same as the sashing and the binding. Have I mentioned before how much I love this quilt??

Finally, while I was outside photographing the quilts, I discovered this little gem hidden away behind the kids playhouse.
I love the colurs and shape. Simply devine!


Helen said...

Yahhhh, well done Island Kylie! Two finished quilts for March and we aren't even half way through! I especially like the Sporting Sudoku one!

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Love the quilts and the bromeliad, all three are gorgeous! I need to finish my wonky star quilt top. I thought I was done with the blocks but need 4 more and then I can join the top. I was going to do it on the weekend but got waylaid making bibs - have to drag out the camera and take some photos. Have you received you IWD FQs yet? I have to post those as well. Perhaps later, off to get the boy from uni now. My car got on a truck in Mt Isa today and should be home later this week - yay!!! :-)

AJ said...

Well Done Kylie! They both look great!

Becky said...

Those quilts are wonderful, specially the Sudoku quilt.

Emma said...

Great finishes! I've just done some very similar rocket quilting. Thank you for the wonderful bundle which arrived today! I have some ideas for them - now if you could mail some time???

Cascade Lily said...

WOw Kylie both finishes are fantastic - you should be very proud!

Love that you couldn't lose the apostrophe :)