Saturday, 26 January 2013

20 Minutes

20 minutes is how long it takes me to pebble quilt one of these squares.

I have done four and there is another 9 to go. Not sure I'm going to have enough thread and because it's the Australia Day long weekend here, my LQS is not going to be open again until Tuesday!

The quilt is for the baby boy of my best mate. He's doing pretty well given that he is likely to receive it in the next 2 weeks and he's not even a year old yet - a bit of a record on my part! I love the owl fabric. On Tuesday last week I went to Spotlight to have a look at their fabrics. It happens to be where I got most of the fabric for this quilt and to tell you the truth - haven't been a big fan of it! However, I was thrilled to spot enough of the owls to use as a backing - because up until then I had no idea what I was going to back it with! Now it's sandwiched and apart from those last 9 blocks to pebble - quilted. I'm going to bind it with the green fairy frost. I didn't think I had any left so ordered some online the other day. Was looking in my stash for something else and discovered a substantial (ie more than enough to bind the quilt with!) amount! Oops! Not good for my stash in stash out figures! Anyway, I figure if I run out of thread for the quilting I can bind it and just finish off the quilting when I can get hold of the thread on Tuesday. Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't do that?

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Emma said...

You can bind before you finish the quilting as long as you've quilted near the edges, and you aren't going to add dense quilting near the egde, where it will pull the quilt in and leave the binding wavy. With this in mind; using what thread you have left, work from the outside towards the centre, and try to keep it balanced - don't do all of one side and leave another unquilted