Friday, 8 February 2013

The Quilt With No Name!

Well life has been interesting around here! Australia Day was Saturday 26th January, and Queensland was hammered with storms! It was a long weekend and many people ended up flooded, cut off, no electricity and generally very, very wet!
This is Morwong Beach on Coochie where I live. (When I went looking for a photo of the beach in calm conditions in my own collection and couldn't find one! This one comes from here)

Same beach on January 28. Not the same table, but it is in the same spot.

We didn't fare too badly, lost power on Sunday afternoon at about 3.30, with only 5 of 13 squares left to pebble! Didn't get power back until the Wednesday afternoon and didn't get back to the machine until the weekend - but it's now finished!

It most probably has the most quilting of any quilt I've ever done, and I must say I like the effect. The finish also means I can take record 9 FQ's as going out for my SYST challenge as I used fabric I bought this year for the backing. Unfortunately a little online and LQS shopping spree means that I am adding 87 FQ's to the in column! Just as well I have plans for it all!

A little bit of stippling here...

...and a lot of pebbling here!
 My only problem now is what to call it! Have a day or two to decide as I need to pick up some more printable fabric...but I am at a total loss! The baby's name is Toby...any ideas?

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