Thursday, 5 March 2009

5 inch square swap.

I entered into a swap with my EB buddies recently. I had to send 10 five inch squares to each participant (of which there were 10) and in return they would each send me 10 squares in the colourway or theme of my choice. I chose eye spy as my theme and my goodness, is there a lot to spy!

From Adds I spy a toaster, some easter eggs and lots of teddy bears, Noah's arc, team flags and a cat without a care.

From AJ I spy pink flamingos, Christmas trees and flowers very loud, Butterflies, ladybugs and bears in the clouds.
From Cylie I spy hearts and stars, red cherries and mushrooms, Japanese style, Airplanes, girls at play and crayons to colour for a while.
From Emma I spy orange elephants, spotted turtles and monkeys jumping higher, Quiet owls, hidden tigers and a truck on the way to a fire!
From Helen I spy skipping rope, cowboys and jumgle animals to make you clap, Love hearts, emus and watermelon, all delivered in glad wrap!From JoyI spy pirate ships, frogs, sharks serving wine, Police cars, party hats and a surf shop sign.
From Leah I spy sea shells, cats and grapes - quite a sum, Fruit, stars, Dora and Diego with a drum.
From Mands I spy spiders webs, cockatoos, moons and suns, Busy bees, sewing need and friends having fun.From Milly I spy dragon flies, dancing girls. golf balls and tees, Paw prints, a fishing pond and animals for you to see.
From Sandi (who doesn't have a blog) I spy cats in bags, Dr Cat, cats which won't flee, A dog among sheep, beautiful butterflies, so much and it's all for ME!
I have discovered that several of these girls can't count either! Especially Adds! Thanks for the extras, they will be put to good use. I had no idea what I was going to do with my I spy squares until this afternoon. I've decided they will be made into I spy quilts for Luke's teacher and Kira's daycarer. I may also make myself one to use when I get back into teaching!

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