Thursday, 6 August 2009

In which I realise I have made a monumental stuff up!

I've been working on the disappearing nine patch for the back of Luke's quilt. The front of Luke's quilt will be quilted using stitch in the ditch. I was going to do a back alternating frog and blue squares in 9 inch blocks. Then Emma pointed out how difficult it would be to line the quilting up on both the front and the back. Taking this into consideration, I decided instead to do a disappearing 9 patch which can be very random, thus it not mattering so much about the grid quilting. Now here is a picture of the completed back. Can you spot the problem??

Yep, I completely forgot why I chose a D9P (randomness) and made a very organised, non random backing! There are now three options.

1. Unpick the back completely and make the D9P random. (BTW, this option will not happen!!)

2. Use the back and just accept it may look silly, but know it will only be on Luke's bed.

3. Turn the back into another front and find some plain backing fabric for both.

I'm leaning towards 3, as are the lovely quilters I talk with over at EB. What do you think??


Quiltin' Jenny said...

You forgot option 4, which is to quilt an all over design that doesn't have to line up with anything.

(Or my personal favorite, #5, which is to be frozen by indecision and let it remain a UFO for years until you pull it out one day, unable to remember why you never finished it in the first place.)

I'd go with option 3. That's a lot of work for a back!

Anonymous said...

I would also go for option 3....

looks lovely and like previous poster its alot of work for the back of a quilt.

Kelly said...

I'd go with option 3 as well, It is way too much work to be used as a back!

Kylie said...

Ah Jenny, option 5 has already happened!

Kerry said...

Number three! It is just too nice to hide.

Car said...

Kylie, I too was going to suggest Quiltin' Jenny option 4 & quilt in an all over meander, saves having to buy more fabric for the backings.

But then Option 3 would get you two gorgeous quilts & you really shouldn't hide that backing - it's really beautiful!