Monday, 25 January 2010

Another 2 borders

 I've got another 2 borders on my mums quilt. The third border is the one that has taken the longest as it required 24 square in square blocks. Although my square in squares are not perfect, they are getting better as I go.

Border 4 was another round of 3in squares. What I am most proud of with this quilt is the care I have taken with my seams. Making sure they don't get flipped over while sewing and getting them to line up.

Next I need another border of the blue material, followed by the last border which will be made from 6.5x12.5 in strips with four 5x12.5 in strip in the corners.Still hopeful for this to be my January finish, although it will be close!

I also received the second order of fabric I've been waiting on to finish the strip twist quilt. Although now I have it, I'm thinking of starting all over again!

And I reversed, traced onto vilesofix and started to cut out the frilled neck lizard.
Getting to the point where I will actually have to start doing stuff with the lizard instead of prep work! Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!


becanne said...

Can't wait to see some progress pics of Mr Lizard - he is fantastic!
I got the fabrics you sent me from your giveaway and wanted to say thanks. They are already in the pile for the eyespy quilt I have in progress, but will find it hard to cut up the cute african one.

Kelly said...

Your mums quilt is looking fantastic!
looking forward to progress pics of your lizard too!

Cascade Lily said...

This is such a pretty quilt Kylie. And I totally get what you mean about seams! So a big well done!!