Thursday, 4 February 2010

No January finishes. :(

Life has been a bit hectic. I had an operation on my eye on Tuesday to insert a cache lens. This was after a failed attempt in August to insert an ICL (implanted contact lens.), which left me a cataract (which has now corrected itself, thank goodness!) and an misshapen, enlarged pupil in my right eye. While the pupil cannot be fixed, I am pleased to say the cache lens procedure has worked a treat and I now have almost 20/20 vision out of my right eye!! My left eye is scheduled for Monday! But, before that, I must travel to Newcastle (leaving this afternoon) to sadly attend my maternal grandmother's funeral. She died on Tuesday morning, just before I went into surgery. She was 91 and while it was not unexpected, it's not easy. My other grandmother died in December at the age of 98, so I have lost my last 2 remaining grandparents within 2 months of each other and to put it bluntly - it sux.

All that, plus life in general has stopped me from a January finish. I have however, finished the last two borders and therefore the top!

Border 5 was more of the blue material. 2 inch strips this time.

And the 6th and final border! Yay!

Despite buying the amount of fabric required for the backing, I wasn't overly confident it was enough, so I have added a strip of 6.5x12.5 in strips to make sure. I think it will look good. Now all I need to do is sandwich it and start the quilting - most probably on the weekend. It will definitely be a Feb finish!

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Kelly said...

Hey Kylie, I'm really sorry about your Grandmothers, My thoughts are with you. I hope your other eye surgery goes well, Im too squeamish to follow the links, hope it's not too painful for you. And, I would count that top as a Finish! ;) It looks great by the way, I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.
take care of yourself xx