Sunday, 28 February 2010

Feb Finish - hopefully not to late!

I will be emailing Kris a link to this post as soon as I have finished it, so hopefully I will make it into the Feb draw!

I have finished mums English Tea Garden Quilt!


I finished sewing the binding on last night, but we were on Straddie and couldn't post about it. I did try sending an email with a photo via my phone, but reception was not the best! 

So, obviously the pic above is the front. I wasn't sure I had enough backing, so I added a pieced strip.

It's the first time I've quilted something with a cross hatch pattern and while it's not flawless, I'm pretty happy with it!


The big question now is, do I send it to mum straight away or do I wait until we go to Canberra in April to hand deliver it? Hand delivering would save on postage, but I don't know if I can wait that long!


Emma said...

Well done! If you wait to hand deliver it, you'll get the added bonus of seeing ehr reaction - I'd wait! Oh, and remember that almost everywhere else in the world it's much earlier, so you should certainly be in time!

Kylie said...

Kirs unfortunately is also in Queensland! I should be ok though.

Kelly said...

It looks great Kylie! I would hand deliver it too! There is nothing quite like that wow and smile you get!