Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Why sometimes putting something away for awhile is a good thing.

Remember this quilt back that became a front?
Remember this panicked call for help?
Remember one, two and three excellent quilters who gave me wonderful ideas?

Well, despite those wonderful ideas. I could not get motivated to finish the quilt. So I did what all good quilters did - put it away, stuck my fingers in my ears and sang LA, LA, LA very loudly until it stopped yelling at me and decided to sulk quietly instead.

The other day I was rummaging through my scraps when I discovered a pile of blue 3.5in squares and my mind started ticking. I pulled out the backing fabric that had fallen short, made some measurements, drew up a design and whipped up this.

So now I have a back! I'm thinking of being a bit creative with the quilting and doing dragonflies in yellow. What do you think??

BTW, I finished quilting mum's quilt and am spending nights sewing the binding on. Hope to have it done soon!

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