Monday, 10 November 2008

Doll Quilt Swap - my contribution

Having borrowed (stolen!) a photo from AJ's blog because stupid me forgot to take a photo before sending it, (I did the same thing with the Table Runner swap!) I can now reveal the doll's quilt I sent to AJ.
Apart from a couple of log cabin blocks I made for my first sampler quilt (which I've just realised I've never blogged!), this is the first log cabin I've ever made. Each block was 4.5inches wide, each strip 1/2 inch in size! I'd like to make a bigger one, if only because of the fun you can have with the organisation of it. Deciding on how to arrange the blocks was most probably one of the longest steps in the process!!


Emma said...

I love this quilt! Such fun colours, and beautiful little logs!

Anonymous said...

I love log cabins... especially wonky log cabins... your piecing is excellent... not sure i'd have the atience for something so small though!! Very nice stuff!! Lx