Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Photo a Day in August - 29

So I've missed a few days again! This time I have excuses ranging from job interviews (went well, fingers crossed should find out by end of next week) to eye surgeries. I had something called an Implanted Contact Lens (ICL) put in my right eye, with the left eye scheduled for next Thursday. Surgery seem to go well, sent home. Ended up with a horrendous headache which we put down to the general anesthetic. Went back in for follow up on Friday only to find out the headache was caused by increased pressure in my eye. Normal pressure is below 21 - mine was 42. Drugs to bring it down didn't work, so it was decided to put me under again and take it out. So three million eye drops later and another op I was back to square one. So, today, 24 hours later, this is what my eye looks like.

Lovely isn't it!!

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Emma said...

Ouch! You poor thing!