Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Photo a Day in August - 1

I followed a link from Tinniegirl to The Byron Life where Megan is hosting A Photo a Day in August. I followed it thinking "Yeah, maybe, it might get me into blogging regularly again." Then I saw Megan's photo. A little girl, on a swing, wearing a butterfly jumper with sand, trees and water in the background. Kira loves swings, owns the exact same jumper and while not exactly like Coochie, the background was close enough I took the whole thing as a sign and decided to join.

So, what to photograph today? I cleaned upstairs today and afterwards finally took photos to put up on facebook for everyone to admire my new house! Nothing really worth posting here, but then I went into Kira's room and she was sitting at her desk drawing. Perfect.
Now, I am by no means a great photographer, but I like this. The desk she is sitting up use to belong to Leigh's mother. When they were up here to help us move, they bought it with them and Nanny painted it pink, just for Kira. It fits perfectly under her window and she loves sitting there and colouring. It happens at least once a day. The lid of the desk lifts up, storing all her pencils and papers. I'm hoping she inherits her great grandmother's artistic talents.


Megan.K. said...

Such a sweet scene.

Kym Bozzoli said...

I love this photo...absolutely to treasure.