Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Photo a Day in August - 8

Sorry, no dolphins. When I got down to the front of the island this morning it was very windy! The guys went out at about 6.30am and nearly capsized twice when the wind picked up. We went for coffee instead!

We needed some ground cover for the front garden. We've planted a fair amount of stuff, but we needed to put some stuff lower to the ground. This was a haul.

Our garden is made up completely of Australian natives. Best thing about natives is once they are established, they pretty much look after themselves - perfect for Leigh and I who are lazy gardeners. We were very fortunate to have Leigh's parents give us money for the garden and they have pretty much funded our front yard! That and the generosity of some of our neighbours who have donated plants as well means we will hopefully have one kick arse garden in twelve months!

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