Monday, 5 January 2009


So I spent this afternoon starting the top of the quilt for my friends baby, (who has, by the way, arrived safe and sound,although is yet to be named.) I got this far.

It is currently 21 x 19 inches. I need it to be cot quilt sized and have few ideas where to go from here! To make matters more complicated, I want the orientation to be as it is above. ie. the side that is currently the longest, needs to become the shortest. I have minimal of both the fabrics left, although I have another star one similar to the current sashing that has space ships on it. In fact, you can see the fabric I mean here in the bottom row, next to the stuff I did use.

I have thought of making another two half panels, with the star fabric with spaceships,surrounded by the prints charming fabric and attaching them to the top and the bottom of the existing block. This would solve my length issue, but I don't have enough of the Prints Charming fabric left to do it.

So what I need it ideas?? Any and all accepted - please!!!


Austy's Mum said...

Cute! Love that prince charming fabric. I would probably add a strip or two (going opposite directions)of flying geese to top and bottom to change the orientation, and use a red contrast fabric for the centre triangles of the FG blocks, maybe with a white or the turquoise blue background. Then a border around the whole thing. Not sure what dims that will give you, but it's a start.

AJ said...

Got some red farbic....make some stars that can go across the top and bottom and then bind it in the blue if you have enough...i can send you the star dimentions in different sizes if you want!

PS it is very cute!

Katy said...

I love that prints charming fabric, I just bought a load of it, jut in case it ran out everywhere and I'd never be able to buy it again (I tell myself that is the sensible way to buy things...I'm not convinced)

Kelly Fiedler said...

Hey Kylie, haven't checked your blog while I've been in Mt Isa, you have been busy. I haven't read the other comments yet but my thoughts are to wait for bub's name and then put a plain light blue or red panel top and bottom and applique "name of baby" up the top and "Quilt" down the bottom - or you could write "Shoot for the Stars". This would be in light blue or red, depending on which you use for the panel. Hope you are having a fab time on Straddy. Hugs, Kelly :-)