Thursday, 22 January 2009

An official finish!

Straddie was lovely, but gosh it's good to be home! Nice to be clean every night and nice to sleep in a bed that isn't on the ground!

While we have been back about a week, I've had computer problems so have been unable to post. Hopefully my wonderful husband has sorted them all out and I'm back to normal from now on!!

May Britt sent me an email which, unsurprisingly, said the BOM was not counted as a finished item! As I said, not surprising, but surely I get points for trying?? I have however, finished my first thing for the year!

Just in time for the return to school, I have completed the Christmas present for Luke's teacher from last year. Luke returns to school on Tuesday and I will be presenting this to Miss M with great apologies for the lateness!
It's my first bag, and hopefully not my last! It's not perfect, (please don't look to closely at the applique!) but it was made with love. The instructions for the lining made no sense to me, so I made up my own! Hopefully it holds together long enough for her to get it home!

I'm also making progress on K's quilt. Yoy may remember from this post I wa unsure of where to go next. Luckily I found another 2 FQ's of the Prints Charming fabric so ended up with this.

I plan to now do a border of stars featuring a red and remainders of the Prints Charming and star fabric. Stay tuned!


May Britt said...

Congrats on your finish. The patterns are not always easy to follow, but I think you did a great job on the lining.

Emma said...

Well done on the bag! I've got 2y of those rockets on its way here, too. I like what you did with them!

AJ said...

Kylie these rockets look great!! Might have to get some incase I have a boy!!

Kelly Fiedler said...

Great work, especially love the bag! Have been checking your blog daily for an update! Look fwd to catching up soon. Hugs, Kelly :-)