Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Years Resolutions

OK, so maybe I haven't made the best start by doing this four days late, but better late than never!!
I already have a list of things I need to get done, so lets start with those.

A friend of mine is having a baby tomorrow! This is her second and since I never made anything for her first, I thought I should do one for each of them. The older boy, M will be getting a quilt that appeared in Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Vol 17, No 2. It's called It's Puzzling and is based on a Sudoku puzzle. M loves sports so is going to be 9 different sports fabrics. The baby (which is also a boy) is going to get a quilt of my own (very simple!) design, based on some Prints Charming fabric which has rockets on it.

Next is the end of this year Christmas (whoops!) presents for Luke and Kira's teacher and daycarers. This is one bag, one quilt and one not sure yet! I have made a start on the bag and I have least decided what I'm doing for one of the others, but as for the third.... Luckily none of them are currently planning to leave the school or centre so I do have some time!

The third is a quilt for the daughter of a friend of mine who is not well. G is 8 and in need of a lung transplant. At the moment, she spends a lot of time in hospital, so I thought I would make a quilt with pictures of her family so when she goes into hospital, they are always with her. Once I get the photos off her dad, this quilt will be my priority. G likes pinks and purples so some of the fabric featured in my latest Sunday Stash will be for this project.

There is a secret project that myself and a friend hope to get done this year as well. The recipient does read this blog, so no details! Won't even tell you who I am working with as it may give too much away! They know who they are though!

The last on my current to do list are ongoing projects. I received my latest block for my BOM so that will get done in the not to distant future and there is the ongoing project of Luke's frog quilt. As you may or may not remember, I plan to do a disappearing nine patch for the back of his quilt. I'm over half way through the nine patches, then comes the cutting and resewing before sandwiching and quilting! I also want to try a variety of things that I can sell at the local markets. The markets are held 4 times a year (Australia Day, Easter, Flinders Day and Christmas market). I'd like to have stuff to go at the Flinders day market which is Julyish and the Christmas markets.

So that's my first 10 for the year! I also want to participate in another EB Doll's quilt swap and may even get brave enough to enter another swap! I will also continue to participate in Mama to Mama projects.

I plan to continue Stash Sunday as well, at least until my stash runs out. Mind you if I keep buying, that won't happen in a hurry!

I am also taking on my first blogging challenge. May Britt over at Abyquilt has challenged us to complete one project a month! I figure I'll give it ago - like many, starting is not my problem, finishing is! So keep an eye out for my monthly finished project.

Gosh, long post. no photo's but lots of links! Off to add my projects to my want to do list and the the project a month logo!


May Britt said...

Have to answer you this way as you came up with no reply in my mail. Please check your profile to allow your emailadress to show.
I have added you to the list. Please add the badge on your sidebar and make a monthly list over your finishes under it

AJ said...

Hi Kyile...Please let me know what size fabrics in pink and purple you need...I would really like to send to some to add to your quilt...

PS that is one long list of things to do....but I know you can do it!!

Emma said...

Ditto to AJ's comment - do you want more pinks and purples?