Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Monthly check up

So I had this idea today when sewing. It all started because I opened a drawer and found a UFO I had not added to my "On my sewing table" list. This actually should be an "In my sewing cupboard" list since my sewing table is also the dining room table (which lives on the deck)and has to be cleared when I'm not using it! Anyway, I digress! So, I thought what I would do each month is go through the list and report on where I'm up to and what needs to be done. All in the hope that I shall make some progress this year!

So currently on my list are:

  • Blackboard Quilts - This is an idea I picked up from our EB Dolls Quilt Swap. Ingrid made a fantastic little quilt using blackboard fabric. I thought it would be a great seller at our local markets, so ordered some fabric! I have nine cut and bordered, but they need applique labels. You know, things like "Things to do" or "Shopping list". I'm terrified of applique, so they are currently languishing in the bottom drawer.
  • F's Baby Quilt - In utero, this baby was called Fred. He now has a name, but I don't know how his mum feels about it being published, so I should rename this K's quilt! I've made a start and am really happy with it. I then ran out of inspiration! A call for help went out and some ideas came forth. I managed to pick up another two FQ's of the Prints Charming fabric yesterday, that I am really hoping are in the car somewhere, 'cause they ain't in the house! (problem with living on an island with your car on the mainland - no quick running out to check!) Am thinking I will do another half panel top and bottom and then border with red stars re AJ's suggestion! She has also offered the star pattern, I just need to work out what size I need!
  • Miss M's bag - I'm in the middle of hand quilting this! Again, not big on hand quilting, but it's going well. May take it camping with me next week (it's washable!) Hoping to be able to add this to the finished list by months end.
  • Sampler Quilt - there is a story to this quilt. You can read it here. Notice the date on the post and something about finishing it before years end??? I have a border fabric for it, but am not sure I like it. It's something I was talked into by the staff at a fabric shop. Either way, this one has to get finished this year!
  • Luke's Frog Quilt - Ah, my ongoing project! I have 15 9 patch blocks left to make and then I can cut them up and sew them back together to make a disappearing 9 patch back. My plan is for this to be on his bed by winter.
So that's my first monthly check up. Hopefully by next month there will have been some movement!


Katy said...

Jeez. You had no end of problems with that poor hand pieced quilt, didn't you? It deserves to be finished, that's for sure!

I just ordered 6 yards (yep - 6 yards) of the rocket fabric to use as the backing for a quilt. I bought up everything the woman had. Or maybe a duvet cover. Or maybe just to have because my theory was it was never going to be available again and I would forever think about the rocket fabric I never bought, and regret it. Anyhow...what I'm getting to (eventually) is - if you have lost those other FQs and you need some, holler and I'll put it in your FQ swap package.

Kylie said...

Thanks Katy, I may very well take you up on that!