Friday, 6 February 2009

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Broken Lives by Estelle Blackburn

This is the story of Eric Edgar Cooke, the last man to be hung in Western Australia. At least one innocent man was convicted for a crime committed by Eric Edgar Cooke. If you keep following my reading, you will find a disturbing tendency towards this type of material. I find mass murderers and serial killers fascinating. Abhorrent, but fascinating!


Sam said...

Hi very interesting book. Estelle is my husband's cousin and so we have had lots of discussion about it. She is currrently researching another book. She basically put her life on hold to write it; but it did also show that the accused man was innocent. By sheer coincidence, we lived (for 11 years) in the same street that Edgar Cook lived in and where his wife still lives. I sometimes spoke to her at the local supermarket. Wierd eh?
Sandra (Sam) from Perth

Kelly said...

Perhaps I should introduce you to my sister, she loves this sort of material too. I asked if she was picking up tips for a crime she has in mind - LOL! I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I read this stuff (I find it hard enough now). Plus, I'd start to think I was surrounded by serial-killing maniacs and wouldn't be able to leave the house - which wouldn't be all bad I guess - might get some sewing done!! :-)