Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My 100th post give away - day 7!!

We've made it!! I've saved something really special for last. Are you ready??

But before I do... (I know, I'm a tease!) Can I just say thank you to everyone who has participated in this? I've had a great time reading all your comments and visiting new blogs. I hope you keep coming back after this, I 'd love to see you again! Please remember you can enter any of my give aways up until 10pm on Thursday night. To triple your chances of winning, simply mention my give away on your blog and then link back to here. Hope you liked something I have on offer this week.

Today I am giving away a kit called Wooly Friends by the Bee Creative Studio. I bought this many, many moons ago and yet have never had the desire to start it. Again, would much rather it go to a good home than sit another year in my cupboard!

Aren't those colours scrummy!!!

The kit has all the fabric needed to make the quilt top, which is 45x54 inches. It uses Andover Fabrics and would be perfect for a boy or girl.

Want to win this one? Leave a comment, including the word verification letters you need to publish your post!

So that is the last of my give aways! All seven will be drawn 10pm Thursday 19 February, Brisbane, Australia time . Each one will be drawn separately, so if you want a chance in each, make sure you leave a comment each day! Thanks for taking part - hope you have had a much fun as I have!


Kelly said...

Good morning!!!

This is a gorgeous kit, and yes, the colours are scrummy!!!

I can see this being made up and sent down to Vic to keep one of the littlies affected by the fire warm this winter. I hope whoever wins it considers donating it.

My verification word is chlea. They are coming up with some doozies lately. I wonder if anyone uses these as inspiration for naming babies?

Kelly :-)

PS: I've blggged about you and linked so pls triple my chances.

Becky said...

Thank you for this last week. I found your blog by chance and have had such fun getting to know you, and others.

This is a great give away, and having blogged and linked you, I have a tripple chance of winning :)

My verification code is stsuppo

Austy's Mum said...

Looks very cute. Grrr... my word verification has come up as a little red x - it has done that a few times lately. Lets try again:

It's actually a word! "scone" mmmm anyone for morning tea?

Kate said...

Morning, what a lovely kit love the sheep :)

My verification word is ratinis, thought I would google it and see what I could find. Really not that interesting at all some chance of being someone's surname about it.

Kate (ernstfamily @ blogspot dot com) have blogged you and linked

Sue Cahill said...

What a wonderful kit and what a wonderful generous person you are. You really know how to celebrate!

Thanks for a fun week, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'm one of your lucky winners.

My word is peripoid - almost sounds like a real word.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Ahfat said...

This is a really nice giveaway, are you sure that you can part with it. I love the sheeps and I'm sure my girl loves them too.

My verification word is "clehes". Wonder how they come out with these.

Emma said...

Happy 100 Kylie! My letter combo is readocu. As much as I love the fabrics, I know I would never make up a kit quilt either (I have one from the ILs which si a few years old, and feel i should make it, but have so much else 'better' to do!). You and I have a lot in common with our fabric tastes!

moiraeknittoo said...

flarcat (?!) is my letter combo, which is...interesting. But the kit is gorgeous! Those are lovely colors.

Sam said...

This looks beaut; would be lovely for my 1 year old grandson. My word is ingeatic (not really a world). Greetings from sunny Perth. Sandra (Sam)

Car said...

Gotta be in it to win huh?

Count me in on this one & will link you back in my blog too :)

My word verification is crixobr (I think...)

~LilFrankie~ said...

Oh that's gorgeous Kylie!

Angela said...

ohhh pick me... angela

Mands said...

What a cute kit Kylie. My verification code is pardies!

Mand-a-Lin said...

Those sheep are adorable, how could I pass up the chance.
My verification word is moricc.

sfer said...

I'm not sure what time it is right now in Australia, so I hope I'm still on time to take part on this one! Can't wait to hear about the winners!! :-D


sfer said...

OOps... Forgot to tell you my verification word! This time it's picaling, which doens't mean anything, but the previous one was "gente", which means "people" in Spanish :-)

Roseanne said...

This is very nice I would like to go in your giveraway.

Leah said...

And finally, Congratulations on 100 posts - it's quite a milestone.

Leah said...

oops, I thought you meant just make sure you put in the verification word... anyway, it's 'wespin' which sounds quite nice really.

Lesley said...

What a lovely kit, such vibrant colours.

I've no idea what a gousel is though lol!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing giveaways, Kylie! I'm about to make my way down the list - and check out my post! Many thanks!

My word is "sentling" - sounds like the name of a scaaaary movie.