Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My 100th Post Giveaway! - Day 1

So this was the original idea. On the lead up to my 100th post, I was going to post an item every day to give away. This would cumulate in the actual give away happening on the day of my 100th post. I had it all worked out - when I had to start, when it would finish - except I can't count! What I thought was my 84 post was really my 94th post. Bugger! Anyway, I thought the idea was sound, so am going through with it despite my inept mathematical ability.

So, welcome to:


This is how it will work.

1. Every day I will post an item to give away. If
you would like a chance to win the item, post a comment under that item. Make sure you give me a way to contact you if you win.
2. Mention the give away on your blog - get two entries
3. Put a link back to my blog - three entries.

4. If you enter in more than one day and you have done steps two and three already, let me know in your comment to receive your extra chances. ie. On day one you may comment, mention it on your blog and link back to mine. This will give you three entries in the day one draw. If you enter on day two as well, make sure you say in your comment I entered day one and mentioned and linked back to you on my blog then! And I'll give you extra chances!
5. Come back every day and see what's new to give
The final give away item will be posted on Tuesday 17th February. All give aways will be drawn at 10pm on Thursday 25th February, Brisbane, Australia time.

By the way, I do send internationally, so if you a
re outside Oz, feel free to join in!

So the first item up for grabs is this:

These are two pieces of felt I used to make a shawl which then got donated to my mother since it was a bit heavy for Queensland. Pity because I lov
e the feel of it!
The black is 26x 146 cm and has a lovely
brown rose embroidery. The red is 39x131cm.

Want to win this, post a comment for me now telli
ng me what you love the feel of!
If this doesn't appeal, come back tomorrow! There will be something new every day!


Kelly said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I'm first. I don't actually want to enter this particular giveaway, but will come back each day to take a squiz at what's on offer. I've put you up on my giveaway links on my blog. Have you checked out the Handmade Help blog? There's a button on my blog if you're interested in taking a look. See you Friday arvo around 3:30ish. Hugs, Kelly :-)

Emma said...

What a fabulously generous idea!

Car said...

I'm the nong who blogged & told everyone to come here for your months worth of giveaways... no idea where I got that from???

It's official - my poor brain is addled ;)

I'll go change my blog so none of my 3 readers come looking for more than what you originally intended on gifting!!!

Esther said...

Please put me in the draw for this is sounds lovely. I have posted about your giveaways and linked to your blog.

As to your question I like the feel of many things but one of my favourites is baby skin it is so soft and delicate even when it's not as smooth and perfect as you are lead to believe :)

Becky said...

I have linked you to my blog.
As for what I love the feel of....

1.Rain on my face.
2.The weight of a good quilt in winter.
3.A hug from a loved one.
4.Good chocolate melting in your mouth.

Ok, you asked for one, but I got carried away!