Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Weekend retreat!

I'm back from my relaxing weekend on Straddie. No Straddie pics at the moment, sorry, but I forgot my camera and the friend I went with hasn't downloaded hers yet. However, I can show you these two which I have borrowed from the the Straddie Sales and Rentals website, who are the people we rented the house off. Lovely people and absolutely gorgeous house! I'm not going to tell you whichhouse it is - and the reason for that I will reveal later!

This is the back deck. It looked right onto the bay where we could sit, sip champagne and watch the dolphins swim back and forth. Several of them even jumped for us, but never when the camera was ready!!

As you can see, the deck had a lovely big table with outdoor powerpoints! This is where I sat and sewed for much of the weekend!

So what did I manage to get done in this idyllic setting? I sandwiched and quilted the Sudoku quilt and quilted the rocket quilt - which was exactly what I had wanted to get done! Please ignore the threads on this pics, I still have to finish sewing the ends in.I would love to say that I will finish these before the end of Feb, but I just don't see it happening. Looks like I'll miss out a draw entry this month, but plan to make up for it next!

Close up of one of the Sporting Sudoku blocks. I'm really impressed with how this turned out. I will admit to spending a fair amount of time staring at it, sure I have made a mistake somewhere! I just did stitch in the ditch quilting - I think it's busy enough to carry it. I did consider quilting each block seperately with it's main item (eg, tennis racket, football, golf tee) but quickly realised my skills do not stretch that far just yet!
If you've read back through my blog, you will quickly understand that I am not very adventurous with my quilting! The rocket quilt screamed out for something other than my usual stitch in the ditch, so I decided to give echo quilting a go. I also decided on some stars on the sashing. If I'd had more experience, I would have loved to have done the rockets and shooting stars in red, but knowing my limitations, I stuck with white. I'm very proud of my efforts and can see me doing more of this in the future.
And why didn't I tell you where we stayed? I thought I would set you to a bit of sleuthing! I have two prizes. The first is some scraps from my Sudoku quilt. There will also be some of the black and red fabric from the sashing The second is two pieces of fabric from a range I do not know the name of. They are very cute though!
To win you need to go to the Straddie Sales and Rentals website and using the pictures I have posted, tell me the name of the house we stayed in. Now and this is very important DO NOT post the name of the house in the comments section here! Not unless you want everyone to steal your answers! Instead, post a comment here and then send me an email with the title "Straddie giveaway" and tell me the name of the house and your blogger name so I can match the two up! I'll draw it on Friday 27th, sometime in the afternoon. My email, by the way, is kylie dot purdie at gmail dot com


Kelly said...

Great work Kylie, it looks like you did have a very productive weekend, in between sipping wine. The sudoku quilt is fab and I'm glad you showed the close up of the stars as I thought you said you were going to try that and I was straining my eyes to try and see it in the earlier picture, only to find the close up when I scrolled down a bit further. The stars have turned our very well, you should be proud. :-)

Emma said...

What a great place, I'm glad you managed to get plenty of quilting done. You did a great job of the rocket quilting; I'm about to face the same challenge, and had the same solution (echoes) in mind.

Cascade Lily said...

Wow that sudoku quilt is a stunner Kylie! Glad you had such a great time!

The Humming Cat said...

I think I may be too late, but I will email you with the answer now. I have just spent half an hour on that site, all houses would be great for a mass sewing retreat!!

Helen said...

Well done Kylie for getting both quilts quilted on the weekend! Love the rocket one!