Sunday, 15 February 2009

My 100th post give away - day 5

Charm squares anyone??

I tend to go on charm square buying sprees and then only use a dozen of them - which leaves a lot of charm squares lying around!

The lucky winner of today's prize will receive two piles of charm squares.
The first is approx 2cm high stack of 5 inch charm squares (mixing my measurements there!). These were created from a 5 inch charm swap I'm part of when I got a little over enthusiastic in my cutting.
The second pile is approx 3cm high stack of 7 inch charms from various packs I bought from Rosemont when I lived in Canberra. I love their charm packs because I find 7 inch so much more versatile than 5 inch.

Want a chance to win today? Leave a comment telling me either:
a) the weight of one of your children in pounds and ounces and in kilograms (For what it's worth, my son was 3.38 kg which is about 7 pound 4. My daughter was 4.04 kg which is about 8pound 15.)
b.) yours or your partners height in metres and in feet. My husband is 6 foot 4 which is about 1.92 metres. Yep, he's tall!!


Becky said...

My daughter is now at 13 months 10kg which is 22 pounds.

I am 5'5" which is about 161cm and my partner is 6', or 183cm.

I grew up on a farm so am very comfortable in feet and inches, however, I think pounds are for fish, or babies :)

Kelly said...

Day 5 already, whoosh, time flies by!
I'm always up for a bit of charm in my life so pls enter me in today's giveaway.
My tiddlywinks were 7 pound 7 (3.3 kg), 7 pound 15 (3.6) when they arrived - no idea what they weigh atm.
I'm approx 5 foot 7 and a half inches tall (don't forget the half), which equates to roughly 170cm.

Hugs, Kelly :-)

Susan Cahill said...

My kids are all grown up but at birth my son weighed 9 1/2 lbs which would be 4.30912 kg and my daughter weighed 10 lbs which would be 4.53592 kg! They were big babies.

Love the charm squares and I could sure use them for a upcoming swap at my guild.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Emma said...

Ohh, I'm in again. Did you notice I linked to you yesterday at last?!

I'm dreadful at mixing measurements because I can work in both. I remember Grandad giving me the measurements of their windows (the ones I did the stained-glass painting on) in feet and inches, "give or take a couple of milimetres"!

I'm 5' 8.5" or 174cm. James was 6lb2oz (and had to look up his blue book to see that's 2836g). Eleanor was 7lb11oz (3490g)

Kate said...
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Kate said...

This would have to be the first time that I have thought of my daughters weights in pounds since they where born. Brings back memories. I have two daughters

Chloe is 12.5kg which is 25lb 5oz (was 6lb 4oz when born, 2.9kg)
Savannah is 9.5kg which is 20lb 9oz (was 7lb 1oz when born 3.2kg)

Hmmmm the height one really puts my memory to the test as to convert cm to ". Ok well I am 163cm so rough convert I would thing is 5'3"???

Thanks for the brain workout :)

I have linked you on my blog and not sure if you need it here but my email addy is katernst @ hotmail dot com

Austy's Mum said...

My two were both exactly the same weight at birth - 4.1kgs (9lb 1oz). Madelyn is already 6.4kgs (14lbs) at only 8 weeks... eeek!

Off to link you in my blog now.

Becky said...

Just quickly adding that I linked you to my blog. Hope you get some extra traffic!

Sorry for the double post :)

Donna Webb said...

At birth Ds was 8p3 (3.785Kg), he is now 1 yr old and weighs 21p15 (9.6Kg)

I am 1.67 metres, (5'5")
DH is 1.85 metres (6'1")


@t said...

My son is now 16kg which is 35 pounds. He was also 10 pound 6 when born. He is also 19 1/2 months old & is 92cm tall.

I am 165cm tall & my husband is 180cm tall.

sfer said...

Hi!! Kelly from Purple Paisley Patch (who I've seen commenting up there... hi Kelly!) told me about your giveaways, and here I am, ready to win those wonderful squares (if you're willing to ship them to Barcelona, Spain!!)

I don't have any children, but I can tell you that when I was born, I weighed almost 4 kilos (8.8 pounds aprox), and that right now I'm 1m80 cm tall (5.90 feet). I'm a big big girl in a big big world! :-D


Fingers crossed for the giveaway!!

ikkinlala said...

I'm 5 foot 8, which is 1.7272m.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

amummy said...

my son when born was 11lb 3oz (5085g), he is now 18 months and weighs 13.7kg (which according to google is 30.20 lb)

Sam said...

'cor you are making us work for this one... but they look great I would really like to win them. I have five kids... Hannah was a whopping 5lb 12oz (2.6kg), then Wynsome was 6lb 13oz (6.13kg), then my one boy, Ryan was 8lb (3.6kg); at this stage I said I seem to be going up a pound each time, so I didn't want to do that next time... so I had twins, Jane was 5lb 13oz(2.7kg) and Phoebe was 6lb 2oz (2.8kg).... and all in less than 5 years. They are all grown up now and so, at last, I have time to do some quilting. Sandra (Sam)

Car said...

Yikes I'd have no idea on the conversions... so lets' cheat and say when K was a newborn she was 7lb 10oz which is 3450kg (I think)


Linked you again

Mand-a-Lin said...

Oh my, really would like those charm squares so here goes. My boys at birth were.

Rohan 3.810 kg - 8lb 6oz
Jamie 4.255 kg - 9lb 6oz

Thanks for this, it was so nice to think about those baby days.

trashalou said...

this one is deliberatly to confuse me isn't it?

I grew up a metric baby, took several years getting comfortable with imperial when I moved to the UK and now have no idea about any of it!

Princess Curly Wurly weighed 9lb 2oz which is about 4 kilos and a few grams and destructoBoy was 10lb which equates (roughly)to 4.5 kgs.

Anonymous said...

It may be a tad early for metric conversion but here goes...

I'm 5'3" over here in the states which would make me about 1.6002m where you live! Still pretty short, eh?