Sunday, 29 November 2009

Craft this Weekend

Truth be told, there wasn't as much crafty stuff this weekend as I would have liked! Various things have interrupted my weekend, including the sad news that my grandmother died on Saturday morning. She was 98 and not in the best of health, but it's never nice to hear of the passing of a loved one.

On a more positive note, a friend of mine is due to have a baby soon (overdue actually!) and on Saturday afternoon a group of us got together for a blessingway for her. It gave my weekend a nice symmetry.

At Kira's birthday last week she was given several crafty presents which she has been at me to help her with. Problem is she usually asks at about 6.30pm! Not productive crafty time. So yesterday, we finally got to sit down and make some jewellery!

First the serious business of choosing a bead

Concentrating on threading it.

Pulling it down the string

And finally wearing the finished product!
As you can see, I also finally managed to find a use for all those little tupperware containers that seemed like such a good idea when I bought them - but never use!

I did manage to get some quilting done today. I have done the stitch in the ditch on all four of the eye spy quilts and have started the FMQ on one of them. Not a hundred percent sure what I am going to do with the other three, but have some ideas floating around. I hope to get the FMQ on one finished tomorrow and the binding on, so I can take it with me to finish as we travel interstate to say goodbye to Mumma.


Purple Paisley Patch said...

So sorry for your loss Kylie.
Belated birthday wishes to Kira, she's growing up so fast.
Hugs, Kelly

Car said...

I'm sorry to hear of your Loss Kylie :(

BTW well done on 50 books!!!

Cascade Lily said...

Sorry to hear of your nan's passing Kylie. It's always sad to lose a loved one.

Kira's face is the picture of concentration - and her necklace is lovely! Looks like boiled lollies :)