Saturday, 14 November 2009

How Aussie are You?

I don't know how Joyce found me, but I'm glad she did! I took this off her blog. So, how Aussie are you??
1. Been dive bombed by a magpie Frequently! Although if you feed your local ones it does help
2. Have seen a crocodile Yep. Even held a baby one
3. Have seen a snake in the wild Yep. Had Leigh bring one into the house to show me one night!
4. Been bitten by a snake or other aussie wildlife Never bitten by a snake, but have had bites from lizards, crabs and a variety of birds
5. Patted a koala Only at Currumbin
6. Seen a kangaroo in the wild - Had to deal with them while on playground duty! Swerved to avoid them on the road.
7. Climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge -Not yet
8. Climbed the Story Bridge in Brisbane Not yet
9. Visited the Sydney Opera House - Yes, but never been inside.
10. Swum at the beach All the time.
11. Had fish and chips on the beach Oh yeah - Even better if the fish has been caught minutes before.
12. Been stung by a jellyfish Yep. Ouch. Vinegar works well
13. Had sunburn that peeled Yep. Really not recommended.
14. Camped under the stars Love it
15. Visited Uluru - Would love to.
16. Driven the Great Ocean Road in Victoria Again, not yet, want to do it on a motorbike!
17. Seen the penguins on Phillip Island Victoria Again not yet
18. Had an outdoor BBQ with Friends At least once a fortnight, if not more often
19. Played backyard/beach Cricket And hit a 6!
20. Watched a real cricket match live PM's XI match at least 3 years in a row. The things you do for love!
21. Betted on the Melbourne Cup Absolutely, even won one every now and then
22. Attended the Melbourne Cup Live from Flemington No, and it doesn't really interest me.
23. Attended a live Aussie Rules or rugby football game Oh yeah! I wanna be a Wallaby!
24. Ridden a Melbourne Tram Once. Had a ball!
25. Snow Skied in the “high country” of NSW/Vic Again, once. Hated it. Definitely a warm climate girl!
26. Visited the Great Barrier Reef Was proposed to there, honeymooned there and have been back one other time. Love it
27. Been to Kakadu - Stunning spot! Would love to go back at a time when we can access more of it. (HINT: don't go just after the wet!)
28. Crossed the Nullabour by road -Nope. One day
29. Gone down the Murray River on a paddle steamer Nope, but it sound great.
30. Survived a cyclone Nope, and quite happy to keep it that way thank you!
31. Survived a bushfire Canberra 2003. Hopefully never again
32. Experienced a big flood Nothing big.
33. Know who the Wiggles are. Would you like me to sing for you? They are great in concert
34. Know who Humphrey the Bear is. Yeah, but why does he wear a hat and waistcoat, but no pants??
35. Watched Play School as a kid or mum of a kid Both.
36. Watched Skippy the Bush Kangaroo What's that Skip, there is someone out there who hasn't seen your show? Not me Skip, love it!
37. Own an Australia Flag - No
38. Know the words to Advance Australia Fair Both verses
39. Eat Vegemite -especially on toast!
40. Drink Milo yep. And sprinkle it on ice cream
41. Know what lamingtons are made them even. Not a big fan though
42. Know what Pavlova is Mmmmmmm, pavlova
43. Know what Tim Tams are oh yeah. Hide them from the kids!
44.Eaten a meat pie Yep
45. Gave or received a “dead arm” Yes
46. Have owned an Akubra hat No, but I would like to
47. Own/owned an Australia Cattle dog - No, but my sister has. Gorgeous dogs.
48. Been to a B& S ball - or know what one is - A night I would really rather forget.
49. Drive a ute No, but would love to own one.
50. Say G’day Yep
51. Can cook damper -Not for a long time, but yes
52. Can make billy tea -best there is.
53. Supported a sausage sizzle - Support, run, work at...
54. Own John Williamson CD/Music -No
55. Owned chooks or know what they are- Don't own but would love to if I ever have the room.
56. Call the toilet “the dunny” - Yes, but hate the term
57 . Wear thongs (on your feet…) - All the time
58. Support Aussie music - Is there any better??
59. Enjoy a beer - nothing better on a hot day.
60.Swallowed a fly - not a pleasant experience


Joyce said...

Thanks for joining in!

By the way I think I found you from someone else blog, but Ive been reading for a while, so I cant remember whose!

Car said...

Loved it! I joined in too!

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Thanks for sharing Kylie.
I have joined in too at