Monday, 30 November 2009

Opinions please!

So I've got one of the eye spys quilted - the one set on point. Did a stipple in each of the solid colours the same colour as the solid. I'll post pics when I get back. I've also put the binding on so can take it away with me in the vain hope I get some time to sew. Would love to do it in the car but the results could be very messy if you get what I mean!

Now, I've had an idea for the other three. I plan to quilt something from one of the eye spy prints on each nine patch. Originally I was going to do it in the beigy/ mushroom colour that I used to stitch in the ditch. Then I thought, what if I do it in the colour of the binding? So, I've done one square of each. and I'm still not sure! So, with apologies for the horrendous lighting, what do you think???

This is a red key.

and this is a brown flag. You should get bigger images if you click on them. So, any opinions???


Emma said...

Very creative! I'd go with the beige/brown. Have fun!

Kelly said...

Very cool idea!, It would be more of a "discovery" in the beige/brown. but they both look great!

Cascade Lily said...

Good idea. Actually I'd consider going for something that shows up on the backing, becuase they'll be able to see the shape better from the back (provided your backing isn't too crazy!)