Sunday, 1 November 2009

It will either be and great success or a huge failure!

I don't know if you have noticed, but lately my sewing motivation seems to have packed up and gone. Not sure where, but I wouldn't be surprised if the half dozen people who read my blog have gone with it! I have no real excuses for my lack of motivation, life is no busier than usual, no major upheavals to be dealt with, just a feeling of lethargy when it comes to sewing. So, I have made a decision - I either give up or try and sew my way out of it! As the title says, it will either be a great success or a huge failure! First step was to finally set up a table in a corner and put my sewing machine on it. The idea being an easily accessible machine will hopefully inspire me to actually use it!

It doesn't look much and the cover is not off the machine, but it's a start. The window gives lovely natural light (although not so obvious today with it being cloudy!) and it's at least somewhere in the house that I can call mine.

The second was to decide on a project. The obvious one was to finish the back that is a front quilt, but despite the brilliant ideas from some lovely readers I'm just not feeling the love for it at the moment. So I've decided to go big! It's time to try and knock out a couple of quilts for teachers and carers! I've decided on eye spy quilts. I need three. I'm going to attempt 4. The challenge, to have it done in time for last day of school - Friday December 11. Can I do it? I hope so!! The quilts will all be the same design so hopefully that will make it easier. A start has been made. Fabrics have been chosen, design settled on and cutting has commenced. This is what my dining room table currently looks like.

I'm starting to feel interested, excited even! I want to blog about this on a very regular basis so I stay accountable in some way. Would love some feedback to cheer me on! I'll even come up with a giveaway at the end to thank those who keep my spirits bolstered! An entry for every time you make a comment, and it will be drawn on December 14 regardless of whether I have finished or not. In return, I promise to start making more comments on your blogs. Are you ready?? I hope I am!


Emma said...

Good luck, Kylie! I usually finding sewing is the cure!

Purple Paisley Patch said...

I'm sure your sewing mojo will come back now that you've decided on the projects. I find that once I actually sit down at the machine I really get into it. I hate all the cutting!!!

Hey, I'm sure you're wondering where your birthday fabric from me is, right? Well, it's still here with me, coz I had hoped to give it to you in person, at your housewarming or some other visit. Anyway, time has well and truly got away, so I'll pop it in the post this week, coz I'm not sure when I'll see you and I don't want to keep holding onto it. Sorry for the long wait, especially seeing as I've had it since January!

I see you've just read "New Moon", I just went to Kmart and bought it, I had to coz the library didn't have it and I just finished Twilight and have to keep reading. I'm obsessed and completely besotted with Edward, sigh, young love!

I hope you are all well. The little bit of the house I can see in the blog photo looks great!

I'll keep popping in to see how your sewing is going. I hope to get back into blog posting soon too. I've made some stuff recently to blog about, just haven't been able to string sentences together much lately.

Bye for now,
Kelly :-)

Joyce said...

Hey Kylie, I havent packed up and left lol, still reading, just moved, and finally started on the strippy quilt for my son hooray!

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see how they look.....good luck and im sure it will come back to you xxx

Car said...

4 quilts in just over a month, I reckon you can do it! Go kylie!!!

I love your little sewing nook!

Kylie said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence guys, hopefully I will follow through!

Cascade Lily said...

That's the beauty of bloglines, etc. We never go away and we know when you're back :) Go for it! Might even be fun once you start :)

Kelly said...

I think you are going about getting your sewjo back just the right way, jumping into a big project with a limited time frame, seems crazy but always seems to do the trick! I'll be cheering you on!

Corrie said...

looks great!!! I am loving my sunny spot! mind you I did need a little lamp there for night time and now I've added a little radio and i rock away to music at nighttime when everyone is asleep!

i wake up very very tired in the morning but it works!